Giorgos Chloros, Cinematographer - Stockholm, Sweden

Hello, I’m Giorgos! I am a cinematographer based in Stockholm. I’m originally from Greece and I have an educational background in Fine Arts, with BFA and MFA studies in Greece, Italy and Sweden.

I live in a red house in the Swedish countryside with my partner and our two sons. When I am not behind a camera or computer screen, chances are I’m somewhere in the forest picking mushrooms, chopping firewood or grilling sausages :)

As a cinematographer I have an eye for naturally motivated lighting and inspired movement. Having worked in documentaries, narrative, commercials, fashion, music and art projects, I am able to adapt and I am committed to exceeding the director’s vision with my photography.

Since 2016 all my energy and creativity goes to where I work full time as a cinematographer and editor, focusing mainly on making great cooking videos. You can check some of my earlier work on Vimeo.

Check out my showreel